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Life is a constant education

So, choosing the quote was not easy, but most of the quotes I leaned toward were LONG, so I went with the shortest of of them all.

The winner is, "All of life is a constant education" - Eleanor Roosevelt

I'm obsessed with school. I still want to go back to and get my masters degree, but right now, I am getting an education through new hobbies and travel. I recently moved with my husband to South Africa and we plan to be here for close to a year.

Each day I learn a new word in Afrikaans, eat a new dish or experience a cultural tradition. This quote reminds me when I get frustrated, that I don't know everything, and that it's okay!  Staying open to the education that is life will make me grow into the person i'm meant to be.

I am thinking this would be either a poster that a teacher could hang up in their classroom or maybe a card for a graduate? Not sure...hope it will all become clear as I collect more inspiration.

This is my thought list: 

Now to gather some visual inspiration!

Here is a link to my Pinterest board where I've started a moodboard.


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