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Life is a combination of magic & pasta

UPDATE: and the refining continues! I made 'magic' a lot less crazy to connect more with the other letters. I wanted it to be similar to'life', so I used the basic outline structure, but didn't want it exactly the same since it would make the layout unbalanced. And then I gave in and made 'pasta' more structural, like a piece of fetticine. Also made the thin border more speghetti-like and attached it to the '&'. I kind of miss the magic sparkles (still at the top) but don't want to go overboard with too many ideas. Overall I think it's becoming more cohesive.

More feedback welcome!

UPDATE: I wanted to get something inked by the deadline but still have a ways to go in refining it. Magic got cra-zy, and still not happy with the border. Would love some feedback, thanks!


Finally chose a quote: Life is a combination of magic & pasta. -Federico Fellini

Came across the quote while researching another project and immediately fell for it...I love Italy and am made of pasta! Late to the game, but would love some feedback as I refine the layout. Italian and vintage type, as well as packaging were my inspirations. While I was doing the type studies I sort of fell into the layout. Of course I thought about making 'pasta' out of a strand of spaghetti, but don't want to be so obvious about it. The little graphic at the top is suppose to be a forkful of spaghetti.

Things I'm thinking about/considering:

How embellished should the border be? simple line or have some flair/pasta wrap?

Should the border go all the way around? Any other way to tie it all together?

Different font for 'Magic'?

Thanks for any thoughts!


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