Life in the Bike Lane

Life in the Bike Lane - student project

Life in the Bike Lane - image 1 - student project

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Oh hey guys!

For this class, I'm  working on a stamp design for an upcoming personal project that I've been wanting to start for ages but never had the time to start until now. The initial scope of the project is to create a stamp (and identity) for a zine I will be starting called "Life in the Bike Lane". I'm also enrolled in zine skillshare class that just started, and I realized that class will be more well-suited to cleaning up content and layout than really kickstarting the identity and labeling of the project.

The stamp I will be creating will be featured on (or maybe inside) the cover with it's primary purpose being to brand the zine as well as providing some spaces where I can write in the print date and the edition number.

I created a moodboard for the type of feeling I hope to convey for this project.
More updates coming in the next few days or so - hold tight!

Kristy Black

Designer of Awesome Things