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Life in my backyard

For this project I went wandering in my overgrown weedy backyard, and found bits and pieces that caught my eye. I was amazed how after spending a few hours looking closely at the plants I found, I felt really connected to this place. Even though I live right next to it, I discovered more in my backyard in those few hours than I have in a year!  It was a really relaxing and grounding experience.

I drew on photo copy paper (8.5/11) and I think that was a mistake. It was a bit tricky to cut clean, and I'm not the most patient or coordinated person, so because of that it was a sloppy cut. I tried to make up for that with hours of moving things arround in photoshop, but it's still not quite aligned. I'll take that lesson and be more careful next time. 

I kept in black and white, and edited it a bit in photoshop just to clean it up. I may colour it in, but I'm quite happy with it for now. This was a super fun project and has definietly inspired me to keep working on patterns. Thank you Julia! :)


Finished product, stitched together in photoshop:



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