Life in colours

Life in colours - student project

Hey there,

I have decided to share some pages of my sustainable sketchbook that Olga inspired me to do. 

I am very happy to have found Olga's classes, to be honest she is from the very few teachers that really inspired me to get up and do the project. She is wonderful!

Now, for the sketchbook. What a freedom is to get your pencils, paints, brush, glue, scissors and some paper and to express yourself without concerns if it is gonna be perfect. I LOVE how easy and liberating is drawing on this recycled paper, I think I'm gonna use it even for future projects :)

The first 2 pages that I've drawn made me satisfied, so I went on :) I've tried to do some vegetables and then I've put the sign on the left " Eli's vegetable garden" ( in bulgarian language). Eli is my daughter, that takes part of the sketches as she is the focus of almost all of them :) Dailylife.

Life in colours - image 1 - student project

A closer look 

Life in colours - image 2 - student project

Some quick sketch from our neighbourhood :)
Life in colours - image 3 - student project

Eli had B-day couple of weeks ago. I've sketched her cake which was decorated with paper flowers

Life in colours - image 4 - student project

I've made a paper Eli to open the door and get surprised :)

Life in colours - image 5 - student project

That's from a short walk in the forest before rain. And we saw a FOX!

Life in colours - image 6 - student project

Here it is:

Life in colours - image 7 - student project

That' all for now, I'll keep on working :)

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you, Olga!