Life in Technicolor

I live in a beautiful city, with a wonderful river in which the blue skyes reflect and with cliffs of gray stone, now in spring dotted with green plants and colorful flowers. But when you live in the downtown, between old beaten down houses and in the routine of "home-work / work-home", it is easy to forget it.  It took a challenge to, in a tiring and boring day,  notice that on top of the steep street that is my daily route home, there is an old house tiled orange. Anyone who knows me, knows that it is color that I loathe, but that day, at that time, the house seemed to me a target to achieve, bright and colorful, brightening the gray day and, strangely, the gray that was also inside me that day.

Because on that day, my interior color matched the weather. But this period also made me notice that although a blue sky gives joy and a gray day depresses, these are just side factors in the way one feels. Although one morning sunny predisposes to a good mood, and a rainy day makes us just go back to bed, the right company also makes a difference.

I watched the deep blue clear sky, when it was dark and starry, a serene blue that inspires dreams and fantasies and that, for its beauty, resembles a prince cloak, transmitting peace and confidence in the dawn of the next day.

I enjoyed some small trees, almost hidden in a small square, still leafless, but filled with pale pink flowers, so discreet that almost went unnoticed, and also the already green trees of a garden near my house, which made me think why don’t I enjoy it more often, in the rush of everyday life, since it is a place where I could stop for a moment with serenity. But also get serenity when I caress the silky black of my cuddliest cat, the one that makes me spill tea over me and tries to gnaw the pen with which I write.

I focused also on the beauty of the different eye colors. People's eyes fascinate me, those little windows to the soul, says the people, but to me normally inscrutable. All eyes are beautiful, when they look at us with frankness and friendship. Either almost black brown eyes, hazel, clear bright green or blue, or those in which the tinge of green on a brown base that leave us without knowing in what color to classify them. But, whatever the color, when we can look someone in the eye and not feel any discomfort, we know that you have a friend there.

I could not finish my trip into color without looking at myself. Without noticing that only use just neutral colors when I'm annoyed (or have too much laundry to do) because my usual is to use bright colors. And that, because of that passion for color, when I enter my favorite knitting shop (http://loja.ovelha-negra.com/pt/), all those colorful squeins make me feel like a kid in a sweets store, wishing to buy everything I see. Because the color is in fact an aspect that counts a lot for me and that really affects my moods. And I had to take this challenge to notice it.

(this text is as mix of my 10 days challenge, focused on color. It was originally written in Portuguese and will be posted in my blog on May 8th (http://aocorrerdacaneta.blogspot.pt/), what I share here is a Google translation modified to please me and make more sense, but it was not written in English from scratch, so it may sound a bit awkward)


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