Life in New York as a Foreigner

Life in New York as a Foreigner - student project

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My name is Halin Lee and I am living in New York City. New York City is one of the best city in the world. It plays a significant role in fashion, art, entertainment, finance, media, and so on. But I found that there are many difficulties to overcome as a foreigner.



First of all, cultural differences was a big challenge to me. I had difficulties to understand humor while I was talking to friends. Also, unlike South Korea, American professors expected me to participate the class actively but it gave me lots of pressure.

Furthermore, I miss my family a lot because they are in South Korea. Especially, during the holidays or weekends, I had no family to spend time together. It was not easy to getting used to live as a New Yorker.




However, I decided to think different way. Why not enjoy being here in New York? So, I started to look around the City. I watch famous musical show, eat fancy dessert, try various foods, and meet friends from different cultures. And now I am having fun in New York. I love being a foreigner in New York.