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Ari Mac Lean

Creative Director



Life forward: any given time in life

In the end I decide to modify my project, so I choose to represent a timeline about my time spending, last days I track my running and driving time in past month to know my improvement and also trying to explain how many time I spend in running and how many time in driving (movility) from one point thru another.

Here are some of the first sketches, and the general idea is a track field in reflect, like a race day. In one side is gonna be my stats and in the other info about that. This is just a self-analysis, trying to find balance between days activities.

Also adding the time that I invest in family issues and social life, working, sleeping, living.

Hoping reach my expectations, here I go!...:)

Deciding the time and variables.

Should be a vertical line or horizontal?

Data analysis ...

Frome home to... (with Open Paths help!)

The first sketch of the general idea...


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