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Life coach

I read once that first, you invent a product... Which doesn't meet its market. Second, you come up with a service, now you can sell it. Third, you come up with the exact product your market wants.

So I invented a visual positive parenting app (problem is, I don't code nor draw) which got a lot of encouragements but no funding yet or coding/drawing cofounders... You may check out SayKids! campaign on Indiegogo (yeah, I noticed it was premature ;)))

Then I thought, how can I help, so people pay me and we both love my work and I can fund my app or at least time to work on it (I'm also a full overtime unschooling mum of 2)...? here I am a life coach for mums and high-potential women of all ages.  

Basically, I noticed my mistakes and went opposite :

I had been kinda targeting English speakers positive parenting fans I don't personally know... I got most of my support from French speakers I do know. So as a life coach, I'm targeting French peeps I know now or who live around here, to mostly do in person coaching sessions.

I was hoping to gather a team, because I had no money to pay for the different tasks involved. I needed someone to draw the cartoons, and someone to code the app, a financial partner and mentor well versed in mobile, and other  helpful gals...

Now, as a life coach, I don't need no one, not much investment either, no skills I don't already possess to some degree ;))) Like a month after deciding on that, I'm registered and working.

So what say you? I wish you overwhelming joy.


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