Life as a Bicycle

Life as a Bicycle - student project

The pie charts are such a good way to visualize our lives in terms of time spent. I think the bicycle is such a great way to represent someone's life because one wheel does all the work and the other directs the bike. Both wheels work in unison to move forward. In this drawing, you see the spokes of the bicycle represent a certain aspect of work and life. The back wheel represents the work that one has to do to achieve the goals, to earn money, to be able to live. The front wheel represents the things we enjoy, the things we want more of in our lives, the things that we strive for on a daily basis. 


Without the direction of the front wheel (wanting to afford shopping or time to watch Netflix) we do not find meaning in the work that has to be done to allow our leisure. We have to do the work, go to school, go to the gym.


Thanks for checking out my drawings. I'm a recent graduate who has been searching for meaning in life, and I picked up drawing recently to ease my anxiety of the future!


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