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Life achievement pins for singles

I want (need) to believe that in the future single people will get the confirmation or the pat on the shoulder the traditional couples get (Hooray, you're getting married! Hooray, you're having a baby!). And when I'm the boss of the country I will personally deliver their prices. Jup... I will do that.

Step 1: brainstorm on PINterest


Step 2: my favourite Apple metal pin... Rrraauuurr


Step 3: My sketches with the blob tool (AI)


Finalised product (the simple coloured icons would be the pins). Honestly, I'm still working on my first life achievement pin for singles.... Oops.

Jon, I'm still not sure if i have the 2'' and 0,5" right... Help? :-)


Which life achievement pin should singles these days get from you?

P.S.: Jon, I don't have instagram but I'm forwarding it on my tumblr

Update (22/12)

I adjusted the pins to the measurements they needed to be:



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