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Hello my names Harvey

My story is not to different from others who are coming here and seeking assistance in organizing there life I believe. There are a few things that I want to get off my chest before I start.

Im one of the millions of people who had a dream and moved to NYC because I thought the city would some how bring it to life. There with out a doubt is more Opportunity here then in most of the county. Im a Photographer finding my way.I havent been to successful as of lately because things like my parttime job has been getting in my way, Love, and the obsession for random things. I like to collect things that I think will help me in my business in the future but in seems to always just  get in the way or become trash with in 6-10 month. just to speed this up pretty much my answer to every question on the first quiz was yes just to give u a view of how things are going.

So Im really at a place where anything can help and want to get back to my old ways of have tons of drive and moving in the right direction.

Im very interested in seeing where this goes.

Updated Thurs Oct 17

OMG all that Red :(,  I wont let it get to me. I will still keep on pushing. 

Oct. 17 12:57am

I already owned things and Evernotes I just been using them the wrong way this entire time.

I have a Bin to put physical items in.

I just collected everything I could think of at this moment that I have to do.

I started going thru emails and got overwhelmed and sleepy mainly sleep I will start here in the morning guess night are not the best time for me to filter items.


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