Life Of The Party

Life Of The Party - student project

I really loved the spray feature! Instead of putting flour and sugar, I decided to make it into confetti. I picked a random color scheme from adobe color explore tool and made the monster blue. I wanted to make it a bit furry, but I had no clue how, especially with the warp feature since I'm new. 


I was listening to a happy, upbeat, classical piano playlist on Spotify, so I decided to make something cheerful. I'd really love to learn how to make use of the warp tool for shadows and highlights but within the body of the character, e.g. some flabby tummy, etc. Would be really interested to see a lesson that goes by perhaps "The Play Doh Technique: Advanced Class"! What do you guys think?


Life Of The Party - image 1 - student project


I proceeded to add some small wiggles on the body to show some furriness. But I also realized that, based on the lesson, there is an option to make sharp edges instead of rounded (0.2 simplify, 3 detail). So that's what I did for the furry part on the outside and the inside. 

I also added the blue confetti, which looks better, to be honest. And the horns are just a quirky addition. Horns, but a very friendly vibe. The rest is just some minor touch-ups to the guy!

Life Of The Party - image 2 - student project

Imamull Qhaeer
Graphic Designer | Illustrator