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Life Made Simple: Human Potential

Here's the YouTube link:  http://youtu.be/yk9LrgWu28c

Life Made Simple: Human Potential 

What if we knew what we were truly capable of, what our full potential in life is? What if we knew why we limit our potential and how to change that? What if we lived in a world where we believed more in our dreams and in ourselves than we do in our fears? What if there was a simple chart that could explain all of this…?


This is the blueprint of human potential, yours and mine… This is the view of our potential from the international space station revolving the earth, 205 miles above, looking down on us in our current state and comparing us to our full potential. This is how the Universe sees humanity… us. 

You see, we are meant to be as the Universe is… Ever expanding, in a state of constant growth. Yet we see the majority of us imprisoned by fear. (Drawing complete)

A very high percentage of humanity lives inside what most call their comfort zone. Though as we’ve all heard before growth only happens outside that zone, where we are occasionally accused of “thinking outside the box”. This is not a comfort zone, it is misnamed and misrepresented, this is a fear zone, the place where our fears corral us and imprison us. The place where we sometimes build 10 feet tall walls of concrete, 2 feet thick to shelter us from our fears… the place where we separate and segregate ourselves from humanity. We also see our dear old friend ego right there in the very middle. He is at the center, with the smallest of known Universe and potential, yet he can be the most powerful and the most destructive. (That small little ego can destroy an entire Universe if allowed.) Fear, doubt, worry, negativity keeps us here and limits our potential, it limits our existence and it limits our ability to function together as humanity. 

So if this box is where most of us live, then what’s the rest of it and how we get there…

There are 4 major characteristics we must understand and master to achieve our full human potential… But first what is our potential? True Sustained Happiness, Compassion for all, Constant Growth, Constant Positivity and Oneness with everything. When we possess these capabilities our potential is endless and infinite.

So how do we get there? Love, Humility, Faith and Control

Love of self and love of all things. Love for humanity and love for life. Love is the only cure for Hate.

Humility is the understanding and knowledge that we cannot do this alone, we need one another, we need to help one another.

Faith in self, faith in humanity, faith in our ability to overcome all fear and negativity.

And Control. Control of self, control of your mind, control of all the negative influences from within and out, to eliminate that box of fear and ego.

Can you imagine a world where we master these positive traits, a world where we surpass our prison of fear, where we do not measure our potential by success of money or social status?

That is our true potential and humanities greatest evolution. Life made simple to achieve who we are truly meant to be.


The project didn't go as planned, just as I was going to begin practicing and filming I had to leave the country on unexpected business. I'm in Brisbane Australia so it's a day ahead here. I've done my best and finished it quickly today. It's a bit jerky and splotchy, so I apologize. I had to do some quick editing to get it within the time frame. But the message is clear... We can become what our true potential is...

Good luck to everyone with their projects!!!! I will look through all of them and will like them all!!!!

And Thanks Simon for the opportunity, you are a true roll model for humanity!!!!

PS.  My wife and I have three amazing children and the project photo is of our youngest, whose smile gives hope to all humanity...


“The intention is never to be right or wrong. The intention is to learn, understand and grow.”

Thank You!




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