Life List

I am up to 60! Slowly but surely adding them to Go Mighty!!

  1. Write a Life List.
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Speak and write Italian.
  4. Learn to French braid my own (and other's!) hair.
  5. Wear a red dress to the Oscars to compliment my acceptance speech.
  6. Be the guest of honor at a surprise party.  Be genuinely surprised.
  7. Read books set in all the places of have lived.
  8. Attend the Writer's Workshop in Iowa.
  9. Go to race car driving school.
  10. Read the classics missing from my repertoire.
  11. Elope or host a surprise wedding.  (This time, with my Person.)
  12. Attend World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Wearing tiny bikini. While samba-ing. Holding a caipirinha.
  13. Hike in the Swiss Alps.
  14. Achieve total financial security.  (Windfalls count, go lottery!  Huge book deal!)
  15. Attend fashion week in Milan with my mom.
  16. Write a book.  Have it published.
  17. Write a screenplay.  Have it produced.
  18. Testify before Congress in support of the US Public Service Academy.
  19. Be the World's Greatest Aunt.
  20. Be the World's Greatest Ex-Stepmother.
  21. Get back in the Christmas Spirit.
  22. Run a half-marathon PR for just under 2 hours.
  23. Live abroad for a year.  Italy will be just fine.
  24. Go to the museums in my city at least 4 times a year.
  25. See Wilco in Chicago.
  26. Visit Vermont when the leaves are turning.  Bask in it.
  27. Introduce the Fug Girls at a writer-y, fashion-y event.
  28. Take my Dad to Ireland.
  29. Sell my Wedgwood.  Start my collection of Heath. <----- oops, so I went a little backwards!  Got a Heath pitcher at Open Studio weekend!!
  30. Make photo albums.  Maintain them.
  31. Host and participate in another Music+Art event.  Speak more slowly this time.
  32. Work on a political campaign.
  33. Spend a summer driving the USA in an RV.
  34. Get published in Runner's World Magazine.
  35. Win Carl Kasell's voice on my voicemail outgoing message.
  36. Do my family tree.
  37. Make an emergency earthquake kit.
  38. Double Dutch jump rope.
  39. Attend White House Correspondents' Dinner. Wear a red dress to that too.
  40. Dine at Meadowood for a 12 Days of Christmas Dinner.
  41. Re-learn and learn new words and claps to a clap song. Teach nephew.
  42. Re-design and promote 'sugarleg'
  43. Have a stroll and a street make-out in Paris.
  44. Have a signature fragrance made for me.
  45. See elephants in Africa. Help make people stop killing them.
  46. Go sailing in the Caribbean.
  47. Build a wardrobe of gorgeous, well-made, perfectly fit clothes and shoes.
  48. Go to a soccer game in every country I visit.
  49. Ballroom dancing. Something Latin.
  50. Learn to shoot a gun well, to more effectively lobby for gun control.
  51. Co-write something with my brother.
  52. Host an all Day of the Dead Halloween party.
  53. Be able to bring my dogs to work.
  54. Learn to surf with chicks.
  55. Take best girlfriends on all expenses paid vacation to...
  56. Meditation. Ommmmm.
  57. Do a back walkover from standing.
  58. Learn a really complicated clap song and teach it to nephew. Do often.
  59. Fall in love.
  60. Watch the entire Criterion Collection of films.


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