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Life Line

Life Line is a free vitual assistant portal that helps people with life. I built this site so that people can submit a simple request that they need help with; such requests may be:

- I just met this girl and I want to take her on a memorable date for under $50 in NYC

- Can you help me find a dog walker in Mid town?

-Im going hiking this weekend..what do I need to bring?

An assistant will receive the request and respond with a personal response (via email, phone, text). I plan on adding additional features, of course to make the site more interactive. A couple things I have done are:

- Used the Active Admin gem to kep track of incoming requests, users, activity (accessed by the "admin login" button)

-Integrated Twilio - VoIP service that allows me to send texts/calls right from the site (5% done haha)

I have ideas on how to monetize this to make it free for users and cant wait to further develop it. Let me know what you think..


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