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Meghan Keener

Producer, Writer, Consultant



Life Lessons

1983: It's worth sticking out in a crowd.

1986: The ones who got you into this mess can't get you out of it.

1993: Provence: The world is as big as my imagination, and music can remind me of that.

1994: Various warehouses, USA: The DJs save your life.

1995: Allentown PA: Foreign exchange students make the best roommates.

1996: Saving money can buy you freedom and adventure.

1997: Coast of Africa: Being born American is winning the lottery.

1998: Nepal/Tibet border: If you've done your homework, they'll let you in.

1999: New York City: Everywhere is home.

2000: Costa Rica: Learning a new language is worth the effort.

2000: Los Padres National Forest: Nature is more surprising than any city.

2001: Hollywood: Movie magic is worth the long hours.

2002: Family is Queen, especially after tragedy.

2004: Philadelphia: It's possible to recreate yourself entirely.

2005: Washington DC: Nothing is worth taking your own life.

2006: Maryland: Brain science has transformed talk therapy.

2007: New Jersey: You can walk across fire and change your emotional state.

2008: Miami: Blondes do have more fun.

2008: Virginia: You can put your past back in the past.

2009: Philadelphia: What's right is just as real and worth studying as what's wrong.

2010: San Diego: Asking questions and coaching others is a calling.

2010: Washington DC: Ask for credit and recognition when you deserve it.

2010: Washington DC: After true heartbreak, you can face any rejection.

2011: Philadelphia: There are friends you could have never imagined.

2012: Washington DC: There are friends who will never understand.

2012: Philadelphia: It's possible to expand all of your human capacities.

2012: Maryland: If you're not speaking up, you're invisible.

2013: Philadelphia: Never give up on love.



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