Angie Tran

Self Taught Designer.



Life Is A Kaleidoscope - Create Easy Patterns with Smart Phones


There are so many ways to create patterns. In this class, I will show you new techniques on how to save time creating these unique piece of arts, while having the total control over the color, quality, and how you want to use them.

In part 1 of this class, you will learn how to create stunning Seamless Patterns out of ordinary objects. And the coolest part of all is that you can create them using smart phones, on the go, and in 5 seconds.

This pattern is created with smart phone from the details of a dress.


Part 2 shows you how to transform this pattern into seamless swatches that you can use in Illustrator. This part covers how you can use Illustrator to fully crop and trim an image, how to rasterize a shape and create a pattern out of a uniquely shaped image. 

Then we will take one step further in part 3 to vectorize the pattern, and completely change the pattern's colors. Vectorizing the pattern allows it to maintain the quality no matter how it is scaled up or down. Turning the pattern into vectors also allow us to change the pattern's colour, giving completely different looks to the same pattern.



Hope you will enjoy the class and creating awesome patterns.

Have fun!


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