Ariel Vittori

Illustrator and Comic Artist



Life Drawing: Giulia and Water(color)

These are a couple of drawings from a productive session with a wonderful model, Giulia.

I decided to experiment with toned paper, a simple Trattopen (a fine-lined marker-like pen) and a water-brush pen with no ink in it, just water, to get a watercolor like effect to suggest form and shadow. 

The loose base this time instead of a copic marker was a simple pencil, in the third drawing a colored one to give a warm hue to the piece, especially the lips and the hair. 

In the second piece I decided to use a bit of white ink as well, putting all of my focus into the beautiful leg pose. 

Another piece of this session is the one you see in the Class Cover! We should call Giulia again, she brought a lovely pin-up mood to my pens and paper. 


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