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Hi everyonefinalization

 following the 2-week script lettering challenge and here you will find the proces I went through! 

Side-note: I'm from Belgium and here my name is very common.. I know what 'lies' (plural of a lie) means in English but here it is just my name :-)! 

  1. First assignment (July 31th - August 4th): Writing and exploring.

Writing with different tools: I tried several pens I found in my pencil case. I will work with pencil and the calligraphy pen (last one).


Then I got to business with a proper song: Destiny's child with 'Say my name'. 


And here is my first result:


Selecting and criticizing: I selected my favorites with the pink heart. I've noticed i prefer my handwriting when it is written in a smooth rythm. When i have to think to much about my own handwriting (calligraphy is different of course), it's not that fluent, it becomes too forced. 

I don't want the curly lettering for my own name because I'm not a 'curly' person (I'm straight to the point, haha) and my own handwriting is not that 'neat'.  

My connections are ok and I seem to prefer the writing where the 'slant' is vertical. I also find that -when i write fluently- my shapes are consistent (parameter 'ovals'). I will refine this more in one of the next steps. 

      2. Second assignment (August 4th - August 9th): Refining

I did some refining with my upper thinking and Martina's advice. 



I wanted to stay faithfull to the style of my handwriting and the fact that I'm not that 'curly' or 'classic' (as mentioned above).

update 3: finalization



Final piece:



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