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Lies Co.

Johnson Chon

Lies Co.

Stretching The Truth, For A Better Fit

Envisioned and born in 2008, Lies Clothing has had a one-track mind set to emphasize on one thing, The Losing Champion. The Losing Champion is the everyday people all around you. They are the ones who can never catch a break. The struggling parent, the hopeless teen, or the revolutionary. These are winners hidden in a broken, defeated body. There are no trophies for those who survive the hardships, nor are there any congrats or pats on the back. These are soldiers in the war for emotional, mental, and physical wealth. They are the soldiers in a losing war. 
They are the Losing Champion...

While The Losing Champion represents the common people, the name Lies represents everyone who runs the world around us. The corrupt politicians, the not so democratic government, and the belief that we the people still have any say in the way things are run. 'Lies' is our world.

"Stretching The Truth. For A Better Fit"
I M P E R I A L I S T S - conquering boundaries

After a long hiatus, we decided to do a very small collection for summer to get our feet wet again.

We are currently working on our winter collection and should be out during the fall.

Summer 2013. "Radical Minority" Collection.

Here's where we left off before the long break.

And the season before that.


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