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Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design





This is my best sketch that I did make. I really have long last name, but I did want to try to include it, and use this as logo maybe. I don't if it's readable enough, and if it will be visible at all when it will be smaller than A4 size like here.

But I did like idea of my 4 year kid that it look like sewing needles. (I didn't see this myself when I did draw it). But I do sew a lot and I paint too, and on that paintings I sew with topstitch tears all the maybe it's even more personal than I did thing at first. I will admit I don't write so nice, I did take time for this and I feel a little bit strange for this as having my logo or my handwriting.

And at the end is it wrong if I have Č ¨mark¨ of it marked with tears? Most languages don’t have this letter so should it be draw the right way instead?

PS Could you even read this as Lidija Miklavčič?

I just did want to tell that this class is fab, and I'm not good at handwriting but I did enjoy in it. My handwriting is not readable, but I do write a lot


My first computerized's not final, but just a first step.


This is second one, the same, just a little bit stretched in X direction and it's promising when it is big, but hey I need to have also a small version of my logo, and it just don't work when it is small, it just don't have enough meat. I will show you, and this is still not tiny it's 3 x 3 cm big square.


 Do you have any suggestions, should I continue with this one, or should I just start all over? And I know Miklavčič is a long name and it’s harder to work with longer names.


This is my final design for now. It could be improved, but I do plan to use it like that. Maybe when I will have light picture to present I will need to do one lighter version of colour, but I need to try it out how it look when I use it on web and other stuff.
But my basic need of having it did change a little because I need it to present my surface pattern designs and I should suppose have surface pattern designer logo, but don't know yet how should that look like.
What I’d like about this logo is just the fact this is me, no some borrow typography from somebody else.

I admit, I did missed that I don't have a printer so I could see it on paper where I should make a little adjustments to get better flow.

I'm super happy of don't having logo to now having this temporary one.

b2990bed temporary logo



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