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Jen Endres

Artist and Designer



Librarian Squirrel!

Hello! I ended up using the circle with the descriptors: Librarian, Chainsaw, and Squirrel. I had originally planned on using the triangle, but I couldn't seem to make it work.


Some brainstorming occured after that. I haven't done anything like this before, so I wanted to try to be thourough and explore as many avenues as possible before deciding. The chainsaw was fairly difficult. I wanted to be able to incorporate elements of the item without actually handing the character a chainsaw and saying, "here you go. I completed the assignment."


Round hips, glasses, and a bob hairstyle were the ways the shape was incorporated. Her hair bow and teeth were to be her squirrel parts. I wanted to figure out how to make the bushy tail work, but I couldn't think of a good solution, minus outright giving her a tail. The chainsaw was hard. There are few things chainsaw-shaped and chainsaw relatable barring the chainsaw itself. I thought about giving her a giant, sharpened paperclip, but that was more like a sword or bat'leth than I would have liked. Someone suggested scissor blades, but I didn't feel right, treading that closely to Kill La Kill. I ended up giving her a hand chainsaw, or bike chain.

As for background, the most likely condition I could see her fighting under would be as a surviver of the zombie apolcalypse! A little cheesy, but I think she would fit in.

So here she is! 


Please tell me what you think. I'm always open to suggestions for improvment.


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