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Liberty Street Clothing Company / Community - student project

Hello everyone!

My name is Joe and I am based out of Manila, Philippines.  About a year ago I started a T-shirt company with a friend here in the Philippines called Liberty Street Clothing Company.  Liberty Street is a social enterprise created to positively impact local communities by empowering survivors of challenging backgrounds through livelihood and operating as a sustainable business.  We want people that own a Liberty Street product to know that by making their purchase they are joining a community that is making the world a better place.  Our designs are centered around edifying the wearer and the viewer of our shirts to go out and live life to the fullest by affecting other people for the better. (Please feel free to learn more about us at

Past Shirt Designs:Logo Tee

Liberty Street Clothing Company / Community - image 1 - student project

When it came time to choose a symbol for our company we ended up choosing the common street lamp to represent our brand.  It serves as a representation of the metaphoric street (Liberty) that we have created with the brand.  The street lamp is also an object you can run to for safety, an object you can use to guide your way, and an object you can look to and know that things will be brighter when you get there.  We hope that these sentiments are what people think of when they see our street lamp.

Boxing Club/FIght the Fights that Matter

Liberty Street Clothing Company / Community - image 2 - student project

Liberty Street Clothing Company / Community - image 3 - student project

The design is inspired by old time boxing training kits.  “Fight the fights that matter” is an old boxing proverb used to motivate champions to fight the best there is to offer and not fighters of lesser skill simply because they have a marketable name or because they are a guaranteed tick on the win column.  We took the proverb and made it our own, adding meaning to the phrase by making people think about the battles they choose to get involved in.

Lonely are the Brave

Liberty Street Clothing Company / Community - image 4 - student project

This shirt features one of our mascots Brick the sheep in the middle of the design.  Brick is actually inspired by a sheep that lived in New Zealand during the past decade that was able to dodge getting sheered for years by hiding out in a cave when sheering time came around every year.  The main idea I am trying to communicate through this design is that a lot of times when you fight for things you believe to be right or go against the grain, the act takes a tremendous amount of courage but you also find yourself fighting those battles alone.  I just want to encourage people to continue in the path of bravery and fight the good fights.


For my skillshare project I would like to create a design based around community and Filipino culture.  I look forward to hearing all of your feedback and learning from Chris Delorenzo as I work through and try to cultivate this idea.  Cheers!

Joseph Lacanilao

President/Creative Director