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Liberia Eyevision Project

With mentorship and close-friendship with Deborah Lindholm, founder of Foundation for Women, Creabizlab has dedicated efforts and planned a global longterm strategy for taking action to Liberia’s crucial problem on blindness and initiated an exclusive Partnership with EYENETRA, Korean government, and Korea’s leading smart-phone companies. We will work together to help end the crisis in blindness, once-in-for-all.


It is estimated that there are 2.4 billions of people living under dire circumstances and without proper vision care. In addition, most of these cases are preventable if accessibility to vision care and eye doctors were possible. The solution to these problems takes creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

Using the latest EYENETRA technology and with the collaboration from leading eye-wear manufactures and doctors, we are able to succeed in providing accurate vision analysis through the use of a smartphone.

After gathering data, the smartphone can transmit information to doctors, which enable them to find suitable eyewear for the person in need. With the technology of the smartphone and the EYENETRA device, we are able to reach anyone, from anywhere around the world.

Our special exclusive partnership with World’s top leading manufacturers in eyewear industries have generously contributed simplified manageable options for guaranteed support for this project .

•Priority in manufacturing goods without minimums.

•Enabling flexible scheduling of production schedules

•Providing early access and deal breaking guarantees to use new resources for future designs.

•Sampling new eyewear at no additional costs and without limit of request.

Michael Angel is a creative director of the project.


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