"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo

"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - student project

The project:  Design a graphical logo for Liberated--a video gaming guild.

1. Age: 30+
2. Gender: Male or Female (preferably 50/50)
3. Income: Stable employment. Aspires to adventure travel (but may not be able to afford it).
4. Education: College-Educated
5. Locale: Generally irrelevant, but Mountain/Pacific Time Zone is preferred


Background:  Liberated is a multi-gaming guild of primarily adults over the age of 30.  The feel of the website is more of a travel journal--or National Geographic--than the standard gaming wesbite "pew pew lasers!" Matrix/Tron or military feel.  Most of the gaming websites have a lot of black, and a dark/intense feel.  We didn't like that--it felt opressive.  We choose to look at gaming as an escape and form of virtual travel, and subsequently want our (currently still under construction--hey, what do you expct for free? ;) ) website and logos to have that kind of a feel.  The guild name "liberated" was chosen to respresent that freedom--("Where do you want to go today, and who do you want to be?") as well as to integrate with the idea that many video games are about liberating someone from something (whether you're freeing the mideval town from a dragon, or teaming up with a bunch of soliders to take out a terrorist threat).

Our current logos were designed by someone who works in the industry and is a professional game designer.  He took the ideas of a compass (to represent travel) and a sword/scimitar (to represent the battle and adventure) and came up with the following lines for Liberated's text logo.

The current basic text logo: "Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 1 - student project

The current active text logo:

"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 2 - student project

The logo looks great on the website (see project cover photo for the current website background), but there are definitely places that a smaller, graphic logo is required.  Some games may actually enable an upload of a small graphic logo, and the longer text simply doens't work there.

The goal of my project is to come up with that graphic logo that can be used in addition to--and in replacement of, where necessary--that text design.

Gaming guild create a unique branding challenge, because the upload of your own logo isn't always an option, and you must slect from a series of in-game logos to create your guild identity within that game.  In-game designs we have chosen in the past include the following:

"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 3 - student project   "Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 4 - student project   "Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 5 - student project

That's what I'm working with to start!

Mood Boards:


"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 6 - student project


"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 7 - student project


"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 8 - student project



"Liberated"--video gaming guild logo - image 9 - student project