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Liberate Your Time - Helping Baby Boomers Keep Up With Technology


I love solving problems with technology. Among my friends and acquaintances, I have long been the go-to person for questions related to computers, software, personal devices - even appliances. 

About 18 months ago, I started blogging about technology tips that save time, save money or just delight. The editor of our local weekly paper asked me to occasionally write articles for his paper since the majority of his readers are baby boomers and seniors.

Once my articles were in the paper, I began receiving emails asking if I would teach a class on iPhones and iPads. At first I resisted but then decided to give it a try. Over the second half of 2013 I taught about eight classes from basic usage to cloud storage. I also taught some private sessions.

I found that I really enjoy teaching baby boomers (I’m one myself). I’ve been working with computers since 1977 and have a BS in Computer Science, but most people my age and older are completely frustrated and overwhelmed by their devices. When I help them, they see results immediately.

At the end of 2013 I decided to retire from my other job as a real estate agent and commit to my teaching/writing/consulting full-time. I am very slowly and organically growing my website’s subscribers. Currently, I depend upon word-of-mouth referrals or someone stumbling onto my site to find me.

Ideally, I’d like to spend about half of my time privately tutoring (both in person and virtually) and the other half researching, writing and creating online learning products.

Describe the business or brand you’re marketing

Liberate Your Time is a business that helps baby boomers learn how to use their iPhones, iPads and Mac’s in a non-condescending, easy-to-understand way. The focus is to help people use their devices in ways that save time, save money and delight. I help baby boomers keep up with technology.

What is marketing for? Marketing is for finding and developing an emotional connection with technology-overwhelmed baby boomers that inspires them to pay attention, to take action and to change.

What are we allowed to touch? I am allowed to touch everything because I’m a one-woman show.

What can we as marketers measure? I can measure website visits, email subscriptions and open rates.

What can we change? I can change how people feel about themselves in relation to their ability use their devices well and easily.

What should we promise? I promise that that my clients can trust me. That I will never make them feel inadequate, behind-the-times or stupid. I will make them feel self-confident and capable.

What is the hard part? Reaching the people who connect with my story and believe that I can help them. I am very slowly and organically growing my website’s subscribers and privately tutored students. Currently, I depend upon word-of-mouth referrals or someone stumbling onto my site to find me.

Should we make trends or follow them? With my business, I’m just trying to help baby boomers catch up with and follow the current trends.

Where is the risk? That I won’t be able to reach enough people (create my tribe) to have a viable business.

Who is in charge here? I am.

What is the money for? At this point, I’m a bootstrapped business. There is no money yet for marketing beyond what I can do myself.

What’s the most important way to spend my time? Directly helping people.


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