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Liam Wentworth

University of Utah marketing/ad student



Liam's Reddit Findings


Assignment 1

List 5 Category Insights for


  •  Reddit is most popular in Canada and the United States. In the past two years Reddit has had a slightly higher search index in Canada. At different times both of these countries have maximized the Google Trends index. Reddit also notably trends in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and some Scandinavian nations. (Google Trends).
  • Reddit’s upward trajectory begins just months after its competitor Digg faced controversial censorship problems (Fall 2010).  This hints at the idea of how important it is to online users to have total control (up/down votes) of their online media content.  (Google Trends).
  • 6% of United States adults use Reddit, primary users skew ages 18-29. (Pew Internet Reports)

 Assignment 2

5 Competitive Insights into Buzzfeed

  •   The Huffington Post, the Daily Beast and adage are website hotspots for Buzzfeed links. (Open Site Explorer)
  • Average time daily for Buzzfeed users less than 4 minutes. Holds true to typical listing formats found on Buzzfeed. (SimilarWeb)
  • Buzzfeed’s Google Blog results is resulting in more political/news related content than Reddit. Reddit’s results are more diverse/scattered – no apparent criteria. (Google Blog Search)
  • Buzzfeed has a 14% strength rating for being mentioned in blogs, Reddit stands at 16% Blogs are the highest rated mediums for both BF and Reddit, yet neither have very impressive scores. (Social Mention)
  • In 2012 Buzzfeed took  50 of its most populalar stories since 2007 and studied how they were shared via Facebook. The median ratio of Facebook views to shares was merely 9-to-1. This is surpirising because all of these stories had 100,000(+) views on their own. This ratio could be a big oppretunity for Buzzfeed, lots of room for improvement. (Factbrowser/adage)

Assignment 3

Persona Development 


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