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Paul Engel




Level the Playing Field

For my idiom I have chosen, "level the playing field". 

I am a fan of soccer and the recent corruption within FIFA lends itself to this phrase nicely. I could see it used in an article about Sepp Blatter and accepting bribes. 

After thinking about the phrase, a ball maze came to mind where I can change out the maze surface for a soccer field. 

Here is my initial sketch. 


The only text will be the FIFA logo on the side of the wooden box. I think I need to simplify this down to read well as a smaller image. Simpler sketches to follow.

Some simpler thumbs


Not sure on leaving our the detail on the left thumb. Without the middle section it strays from the actual mechanics of the toy. But the simpler version on the right has the middle and could be too much detail. 


Added the stands to display the idiom


I am going to have to play with the seats or colors of fans making the letterforms

Blob brushing the colors in. First time using this method and glad to revisit this tool; used very little as Mikey states for most Illustrator users.


Off to the art supply store for a blender marker.


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