Andrea Velazquez

Doodling is a very serious matter.



Letting the inner child draw on the wall

My dad's an artist and my mom's a small business owner, so I guess you could say that I grew up at the crossroads of business and art.  

Four years at business school couldn't quiet down my incessant desire to doodle and create, so upon graduation I decided to move out New York City and try my hand at pursuing illustration/graphic design.  

 Absurdity and humor have proven to be a magnificent match for my creativity. I strive to create whatever random images, characters and concepts come to my mind that have even the slightest chance of causing an unexpected laugh. The key goal is to help others uncover and embrace their inner child, thus allowing themselves to create without expectations or judgements. Let go and let your inner child draw on the wall. As I continue to imagine, I will continue to create and, hopefully, continue to inspire smiles. 


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