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Alecia Van Aarde

illustrator | designer | photographer



Letting loose

I didn't do the drawings in any specific order. I started out with rotating the paper, which I have never thought of doing of before. I was stiff very stiff, I tried some words, ut that didn't really work for me. 

Next I did my favorite way of drawing, blind. I thought to make it a bit more interesting by also just drawing with my 'wrong hand' (left). This type of drawing always loosens me up and you really get to see different types of marks that you can make. I actually like this drawing the most out of all of them! 

I did squares and circles and went on to a self-portret and my route to work. 

Next I did drawing to music. This was a lot of fun, and I will definitely work this into my creative routine more often! I just drew to music that I had on my phone, which is a mix of different genres I like. 

Talking aloud is next. I liked doing this one, as I always seem to find myself drawing when on the phone or in class anyway. I saw my strokes getting a lot looser also. 

Last I did drawing while standing up. I wish I had bigger sheets of paper! 

Any feedback will be appreciated! :) 


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