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Letting go

Day 1:

I didn't know what to expect, other than go ahead and try to shake off the need to be perfect all the time! Hahaha. I was really very scared of what I would do on my sketchbook. So, I followed Ria's instructions and I chose a "brush" that I would never in a million years use. (It's actually a feeding bottle nipple cleaner. Lol)

At first, it wasn't working, the brush was rough and the colors couldn't get through the paper. I decided to go bolder with it and dab, dab, and makes swirls on the paper. Believe you me, the fear of working on such a fun task is great! 

One thing I love about this activity is that, I learn how to face myself, the one I've been running away from for such a long time! 

I guess I have to stop paying attention to the result and love the journey more. Did I enjoy it? Yes! Was it cathartic? Yes! 

Thank you Ria for this wonderful class. On to Day 2, tomorrow! 




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