Letting Go

I'm a workaholic-- so much to the point that I forget to relax and get my mind away from work. Unfortunately, my job doesn't have much to do with what I'm passionate about--art and illustration-- and my workaholic nature has halted my creative free time.

This class was really helpful for me to practice caring for myself and putting myself first.

I will:

- Mediate for at least 5 minutes every morning when I wake up (practicing mindfulness)

- Eating right: Regulating what I eat and giving myself more time to relax and enjoy my meal.

- Do some for of exercise at least once a week. (Badminton, yoga, staying active at least once a week unti I can find time to do it every day)

And lastly, 

I take new years resolutions very seriously, (2012's was Do One Thing That Scares You A Day), and I decided that my project would be to create my next new years resolution. I want to focus on getting back to my creative side and forcing myself to do creative work.

My next blog will be One Piece of Art A Day-- I'll start the year and force myself to make at least one piece of art a day, whether it's writing, illustrating, a random doodle, etc. Keeping a blog online keeps me accountable, and I'll be able to track my progress throughout the year. 

2013 should be really interesting and I'm excited to make the next step! 

Thanks! :) 


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