Coto Mendoza Puentes

Designer - Bookbinder - Type designer



Letters times, better times!

I design types from the south of world and all the time I'm looking for something new to make more expressive my work.

I love the handmade way and this is a great opportunity to experiment y try new things.

This is my first day work:

Resume day 2:

I think this is a very good exercise for work in the rhythm. I'm very happy with this class!!!


Resume Day 3:

It was a little frustrating for me because i had many problems with de nibs. Is very difficult get calligraphy supplies here in Chile. Even with the online stores because do not shippments to this place. 

if someone could advise me about this I would appreciate enormously!

Resume day 4:

It was great! i think just i need more practice and more time for make better the space and form.

Resume day 5



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