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Letterpress in mind: New business card

Is time for new business cards for me. I want to print them in a local letterpress shop I've just discovered in my hometown Oaxaca. I'm getting back into design so this class was the perfect way to start. With that in mind, here I go:

1) I was undecided between Adobe Garamond Pro vs Bembo, but I did not liked the way the "R" from AGaramond looked squished, so went for Bembo.


2) Wrote down the info I wanted on the card.

3) Started playing around, using the grid of course.

4) I was not very convinced, so got rid of a pair of RP, made it large and put it behind the text and added two colors. Yellow in the backgroung letters to no distract too much and aqua in my name and description.

5) Went into Illustrator to play a bit on the RP.

6) Added it to the card, and here the final result :)


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