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Kathy De Wit

Illustrator, designer, teacher




My phrase :  LAS TRAVESURAS DE LA NIÑA MALA book by Mario Vargas Llosa

Part 1

Just signed up! After midnight over here...I want to start this course, but it's time to take a huge nap.
I'm soooo curious to learn more about handlettering, some days ago I tried something /


and my hunger to learn more about letters is enormous. Let's start with the beginning, dreaming of a nice quote or title...hope to be back tomorrow with an answer and curious to watch all the projects right here!

x Kathy

Part 2 / nov 3

I choosed the title of the book by Mario Vargas Llosa, Las travesuras de la niña mala.
(The bad girl in English translation, Het ongrijpbare meisje in Dutch, my language)
I was complete blown away by this story. A story about a boy Ricardo and a girl Lily in the capital of Lima of the '50s. Now reading again this book it brings me a lot of memories because now after 7 years I know really good all those places written in that story, between Lima (Perú) and Paris. The style of Vargas Llosa is incredible and everything he wirtes about comes alive in my memory, in color!
I made a list of associations and a little moodboard. Not easy to select a word to work with...TRAVESURAS, NIÑA MALA...or the whole title.
If you can find this book, read it! It will get you reading until deep in the night!
My research is in 3 languages for now, spanish, english and dutch but I would like to make some spanish lettering in the end.

moodboard / Lima in the 50's

Part 3 / nov 4

Started to handletter NIÑA...and actually incredible to do, to search online for examples of old vintage text and trying to form your own letters.
Want to do more of them. Have to try to make the word more 'girlish' but it need a bad/rough side to ...la niña mala/ the bad girl.

Nov 5 / A first sketch of the whole frase


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