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Lettering to New Orleans

M I L E S T O N E 3: p a i n t e d || l e t t e r s

I found this green envelope and some black cardstock digging through my box ol' crafts. I just loved the green and black together which made me think to use gold lettering. Of course it's very Mari Gras like, I guess it's in the blood ^_^. I used a pentel brush pen for the black lettering, and a gold sharpie for the gold lettering on the front (for front the address I used black ink and nib for the return address I used gold ink and nib). Paired with a water color wolf print, paper toy letterpress wolf, washi tape and twine. This package is ready to be sent! (Villalobos is village of the wolves in Spanish, I tend to send her many a wolf-like things!) I can't wait to hear her reaction! I am also excited that the envelope is just as interesting as what's inside.

Thanks Erik!! 

M I L E S T O N E 2: c o m p o s i t i o n

I played around with, brushes, water color, ink+nib, and differnet type of brush pens I had laying around. The purple/blue-ish was the envelope I did before I went to sleep. I was fairly sure that I wanted to finalize this idea. Because I loved combining the the initials in her first and last name 'A+V' into a symbol form.

M I L E S T O N E 1: i n s p i r a t i o n


I live in Mid-City Baton Rouge which is also called the "Art District". We get that name because of the BR Wall Projects around the area. I am always seeing hand painted walls that just pop with geometric color as well as some of the old fashion lettering that I've seen since I was a kid living here. I love the older painted walls just as much as I love the vibrant colors from the newer painted signs.


This is the kind of lettering style I am most drawn too:


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