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Lettering project

1. And so it begins

OK, so this is my first skillshare project that I am going to start. I have been busy with Illustrator, typography and lettering both digital and drawing so this is me coming out of the notebook and into the world wide web. 

This E is just me trying to apply the first lessons with the pen tool. Not yet completely happy with the bottom of the E because the curvature goes up to quick on the swoosh. Anyway, already learned a lot by making the width by joining two pen paths and will continue to upload my work following this class. 


Figure 1.0 Letter E and swirl pen tool exercise.


Figure 1.1 Beziers from figure 1.0

So I continued with the lowercase script video and made the following letters. Their angle is a bit larger than those of Spencer's example. Still figuring out how to decently set up those guides. The s was a pain in the ass and still falls a bit short against the other lowercases but still happy for the practice is gave me. 


Figure 2.0 Script letters from the first lessons


Figure 2.1 The beziers from figure 2.0

2.0 Ideation

Okay, so I've finished the first lessons about the scriptive alphabet and starting to iterate a little bit with these lessons. Beneath are a few examples of me playing with the serifs and the width. 


Figure 3. First ideation 60 degrees angle script.


Figure 4. A thicker version of figure 3. although the dents are gone and the W is shortened to the x height. [Still not sure how to end the W properly.]


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