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Lettering, for Tag

Final Painting + Tag

Well, after many painting stages this is where I ended up. Will say, perhaps too many curves/rounded shapes for a first try of this technique; some of those sides were rough/time consuming! But, it's a fun technique and really feels much more creative than *always* using my Microns. 

Thanks Jeff for the class, my hands/mind feel looser already!

Step 3: Painting, or The Ugly Stage

Yow, Jeff was *not* kidding. Can't tell you how many times I thought, holy smokes this is the worst thing I've ever painted. But I carried on and sure enough, it all kind of works out if you just relax a bit and don't mind repainting sections until you find the right color combinations. I didn't mind, and I can see how this process could lead to some pretty nice happy accidents if you let it. 

Not showing all the ugliness, but here's one of my "oh dear" stages.

Step 2: Finished Sketch

I chose to use a very thick, mixed media vellum for this mostly because I thought it would hold the water well but still be easy to cut into the tag shape. Spoiler alert: the paper still bowed a bit, which was surprising considering it was *really* thick.

Sketched directly onto the paper, working it until finally it seemed to hold the tag form correctly (knowing that I wanted to put non-3D lettering above it).  

Step 1: Concepting/Sketches

Decided to use this first project to help with a very small, personal piece: a gift tag on a present for a friend who's just become a new mother.

Sketched out a couple of ideas, quickly finding an approach to the letterforms that I thought would workd and... I was on my way.

Starting the project

So, I took this class to help me loosen up how I work and to help my lettering feel more organic, less computer-y. Love Jeff's work, and his teaching style was right up my alley. This is how my first piece turned out, using his approach. 

Will definitely be taking what I learned to use in other future pieces!


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