Lettering class

Lettering class - student project

I loved this class! At the beginning I felt I wouldn't be able to do any letters with the brush but I've learned a lot and enjoyed every moment of it. I'm really proud of the progress and very happy with the final project. I think it was great that Ana Victoria recommended us to think of something we would really use and give to someone. 

- Warm up:

Lettering class - image 1 - student project

- Practice fonts (had so much fun with this!):

Lettering class - image 2 - student project

- Working with my own handwriting (a bit challenging at first but it gets easier if you just let your imagination flow. And I do realize I misspelled the word "meeting"):

Lettering class - image 3 - student projectLettering class - image 4 - student project

- Quote (I choose this quote from The Greatest Showman and thought it would be fun to draw a quill that is writing the word "stars", kind of doing what the quote says):

Lettering class - image 5 - student project

- Final project. So for this project, I had the idea to do a set of Africa-themed cards for my brother and his friends who are going to Senegal next month. I thought it would give me the opportunity to work with a common theme but do variations for each card as well as practice different lettering styles. I immediately had this idea an sketched it in my notebook. I then had other ideas but this one kept resonating with me so I went ahead and tried it out. There are things that could be improved and I did make a few errors but I'm very happy with the result. These are not the colors I normally use when I paint, but I wanted to just use the colors of the flag and some brownish/greyish tones. It was also the first time I painted animals with watercolors and that are so small (barely 7 cm!) and that was definitely challenging. 


Lettering class - image 6 - student project


Lettering class - image 7 - student project


Only now that I see all of it together I realize how much work this was! Thanks Ana for your tips and motivation :)