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Lianne Siemensma

Architecture and design student



Lettering a magazine spread about Skillshare

Hi all!

For our upcoming issue of the Turn The Page Magazine in Holland: An English full colour magazine for Industrial Design engineers of the University of Technology in Delft, I am writing an article about Skillshare. And what would be more fun to do, then actually hand-lettering the spread and title when reviewing :)?! That's why for this project I chose the phrase "Learning new skills online with Skillshare." It's a short and informating sentence that could be perfectly used as the title of the article. 



After brainstorming words that related to my phrase I started researching on pinterest and google to find images that could visualy represent it and could help me with inspiration for style/lettering. I wanted it to be inspirational, fun and not so serious, since the sentence otherwise might be a little boring. 

This is what I found:





I really like the script fonts for the word 'Skillshare' because this font feels more creative then the other ones. I like the serif font too, maybe I use ut for the other words.



Since I the magazine has quite a rectangular shape, it was hard for me to work on the thumbnails. Nothing seems to fit in these rectangles! I like the idea of the computer, but maybe not with the whole screen. Also I like the pencil and the books but I'm not sure these represent the phrase well enough. Lets combine some things and ideas together!



This is my first sketch! I'm already quite happy with it but it only still looks a little boring. I like the idea of the mouse, maybe I need one more? Also the composition on the right side of the drawing doesn't seem to fit yet. I'm open for feedback! :)

More pictures and progress will be coming soon! Looking forward recieving your feedback!


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