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Lettering a Letter

Forgot to post the back of the envelope earlier.

So my envelope has been mailed off! I was happy about the feedback I recieved from the mail clerk! It really put a smile on her face and I was glad she appreciated it. Maybe I'll do this for now on when I send out large packages :)

UPDATE: July 7, 2014

Final painted letters!

Ready to mail out my envelope!

Kept it simply and stuck to red, white and blue. Also because of 4th of July ;)

I learned a great deal throughout the entire process and I'm pretty satified with the final product. Hopefully Anna enjoys it along with the goodies I'll be sending inside the envelope :)

UPDATE: July 3, 2014

Painted Letters

Was hoping to get this finalized today but realized I grabbed the wrong paint markers so it looks like I'll have to finish it this weekend. Wait for the final envelope soon!

UPDATE: June 30, 2014

Final Composition

I've finally picked up a No. 7 envelope and layed out my final composition after many revisions. I like how it's layed out and the various type styles work well together. Now to transfer the layout onto the envelope.

UPDATE: June 28, 2014

Practicing Sans Serif

Getting the hang of the broad tip brush marker. 

I've also decided to send my Envelope to a fellow designer and internet friend, Anna C.F. 

Practicing Casual Script


I decided to try out a few different compostions using a smaller thumbnail since I haven't picked up a large mailer yet.

UPDATE: June 26, 2014

Practicing Letter Strokes & Sans Serif

I'm using a Sharpie brush marker that I've rarely used. Still trying to get comfortable with such a broad marker but it's slowly getting there.

I find it very difficult creating a curve and connecting the stems. I'll most likely go through another pile of practice sheets and repost when I've finally become more comfortable. I'm really enjoying the class so far! Already learned a few great tips.


UPDATE: June 25, 2014


I live in Toronto, Canada and there is always found type to be seen. I personally do not have a collecton of photos however I found a great reference site containing some great type references around my city, torontotype.com

Here are some signs that stood out to me.


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