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Lettering Practice


Just practicing to get a feel for how the nibs feel and how the ink flows. I'm using the Hunt 512 nib (top half of photo) and the Hunt 56 (bottom half of photo). I learned some of the basics of calligraphy way back in my art class in junior high using those Elegant Writer calligraphy pens. Using nibs are very different especially since I usually don't like when pens scratch across the paper which I'm finding these do... or maybe I just have a heavy hand. Hoping to order some of the nibs Molly mentioned to see if those would be better to start with than what I'm currently using. Looking forward to practicing the alphabet soon!


So, I started practicing my lower case alphabet with the current nibs I have on hand. I ordered the NIkko G and a few others yesterday so hopefully I can start practicing with those next week. For the time being, I started practicing with the nibs I have available. It really does make practice more difficult when you don't really like how the nibs write, but I'm trying to make the best of it using the technique and instruction we've been given in the lessons.

I realized after practicing the first half of the lowercase alphabet that I totally forgot to practice my "j"... I noticed this when I wrote out the first half of the alphabet at the bottom of my sheet. Anyways, I thought my letters turned out well considering I really dislike how my nibs work. I'm still struggling with the upstroke as my nib is constantly catching on the paper. Again, wondering if I just have a heavy hand so I'll continue to try and lighten the pressure on the upstroke.


I've really been enjoying practicing my letters and feel like I'm really getting the hang of how to hold my pen correctly and applying the correct pressure. I have found that I have somewhat of a heavy hand so the practice has been really good for me on learning to lighten the pressure on all my upstrokes. I'm still waiting for my new nibs to arrive... hopefully by early next week. I'm really excited to find a nib that works well for me. Until then I'll continue practicing and developing my alphabet.


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