Sabine Bæch

Visual Communications student



Lettering: Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm (Please critique)

Because this is my first ever decorative letter, I Choose a childrens book i found very scary as a child
- I still do actually.

I Hope you will enjoy my version of the assignment - and please comment and give critique so i can get better :)

So for my design i decided to work with some words for my theme: Horror, Tim Burton and quirky

In my brainstorming i thought of:

  • Little red
  • Wolf
  • Hunter
  • Grandma
  • Woods
  • Trees
  • teeth
  • Gun
  • Stones
  • River
  • Bag
  • Basket
  • Cape
  • Cloak
  • Hoodie

But decided to work with:

  • Wolf
  • Little Red
  • Woods

I startet creating a simple serif based letter with a slightly quirky and lopsided look, i didn't do it to perfection, because i new i wanted to use it as a guide for my "woods" 

I then began drawing the stem of the tree and afterwards i did all kinds of weird branches - i drew Lil' red and the wolf at the end.





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