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Valeria Cafagna

Graphic Designer | Illustrator



Lettering & Illustration

I have to thank Andrea for this lesson because it was really useful for me to start working on my handmade lettering skills. It has been I while that I was fascinated by this art.

Since I am an illustrator, my main purpose was to apply lettering to my drawings.
I really love the brand Mr.Wonderful and I've taken it as a reference to start my practice. I also tried to reproduce famous logos that I liked.


For my side project title, I decided to make a mix of what I have learned and then I worked on the colour digitally. I am quite satisfied by the design but in general I think I should be more precise.


Then I started mixing lettering with illustration. I love this combination because I love mixing design with illustration and I think it can also be a way to tell something about a character in a funny way :)
The second one is still work in progress.



I also combined lettering with an illustration I made for a image stock. A new challange since I had to reproduce the lettering in vector graphic. Here you can see the handmade and the digital one.


And the final result! :)


I hope you liked my first attempts! Thank you Andrea, I will try new tools and continue to work on my lettering skills.


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