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Lettering Envelope

This will be my first major project involving hand lettering. I have always wanted to get into it so I'm excited to finish this up!

Practiced a bit of lettering. Found the thicker paint markers to be tough to work with. Had trouble getting consistent lines throughout a curve, but I'll get there. 

Here's a bit of my layout idea as well. Might play around with it more though. 

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Testing out strokes and different markers and pens.

The original layout. Thinking of changing the style of the word "sally"

Tested out the thickness of the drop shadow and I preferred the thinner stroke for this lettering. 

Hard to see because of all the layers but I decided to play with the layout and the styles. Not sure about the colours. I feel that maybe "Bangalow" should be a different colour as well. Maybe just a thin orange stroke? Not sure! 

Better view of the blue and white. I think this photo made me realize that I would like to play with the word "sally". Maybe more of a script can belong here. Still playing around :)


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