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Lettering • How I met your mother

September 18, 2014

I've started watching Mary Kate's videos and I just loved the way she created the concept of her letterings. I love to research, to create concepts, but I never had a class like this, helping you to find different references to help you to create your concept. I spent a long time trying to find a phrase to use on it.

Lately I'm watching a lot of episodes of How I met your mother. I love the series and I miss them, I've watched before, so when I'm drawing I just leave one episode on my computer to hear something, because I get so concentrated that I don't really pay attention to the serie. 

So I wanted to find a good quote from How I met your mother to become my lettering. That was hard, I couldn't find one that I loved with 5 or up to 10 words. So I picked up this Barney's quote. I think it's kinda funny the way he thinks. It's quite a long quote, but I think I could work on it.

Then, with my quote picked, I started brainstorming some words to help me on my research. My brother also helped me in this stage, and what up! English isn't my native language.

Also what I really enjoyed about the class, is the way she draw the letters. I mean, I have a calligraphic base. So I'm always working with some flat pen, like parallel and I make most of my work using calligraphic pens. In this one I just used a pencil, so it's cool to learn different ways to create a letter.

Then I googled some of these words and create a mood board. I quite like it, it's kinda fantasy one.

I really like this old Fairy Tale's book covers. I think they are so rich in details and style.

Then I started to play with one word of my phrase. I chose STORY because I this word have a lot to work with, like the T, R, Y. I created some lettering based on my references:

September 19, 2014

I got pretty excited to create my lettering, so I started thinking about a good layout, because I have a lot of words. So I made these 2 sketchs.

At this stage I got a little bit confused, because it's one of the most difficult parts doing a lettering for me, create the layout, the composition and choose the hierarchy of the words. So I think at this point, the class isn't really clear for me. It just ends with no more explanation.

So using some of the styles I made on my warm up sketches, I created this composition. In this image you can see all the guide lines and how I worked to create this first cleaner layout.

Using my light table I refined the lines.

For now, I'm happy with the final outcome. But I want to digitize this and created a colorful lettering. But this is for the next Mary Kate's class: Color and Texture (Lettering II).

Just to play, I used some color markers to paint my lettering, but I don't have a good variety of colors, so I think it's not working yet.

Well, that's it! I'll see you on the next class! (:


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