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Lettered motivation

Step 3

I decided to move on to color since I did make the changes to the problem word. Of what I can tell, it seems to have better legibility.

I am posting two versions of color just because I really can't help myself. I love color and it was hard enough to condense down to these two versions. :) I'm sure I'll change it again, but in the meantime...

Step 2

I made some small tweaks to the word "at" in my piece. This was the one spot that I had personally battled with when trying to hold on to the legibility and I'm glad Sean brought it up. Hopefully this version has a better read. I went through three different type styles before coming back to the script. After staring at it for so long I would love some secondary eyes and thoughts on this new version!

I will say that I'm happy with the way the line quality transferred through the digitizing process. I went the organic illustrator route.

Most recent vector version with tweaked "at."

Step 1

This is one of my pieces that I have been wanting to digitize for some time. I personally love the look that lettering takes on when just inked carefully, but this could make a fun poster so I am eager to try this one out.

First, I came up with the phrase and structured appearance that I wanted to go for. I then created a pencil version that was the exact version of what I wanted to ink.

Then I played around with the values/patterns within the letters in order to find the most pleasing eyeflow throughout the piece.

 And lastly, I turned on my light table and inked it. Very slowly. :)


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