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Hayley Gilmore

Graphic Designer



Letter to Memphis

MILESTONE II - COMPOSITION: Laying out the composition. Still trying to decide on the final type. I'm sending this envelope to my pal Nick Canterucci, who owns a bunch of chihuahuas and calls them Team Skeletor.

Update - 6/27/14 Kind of like where this is going. I would obviously clean up the bottom text. It would be a sans-serif.

Update - 6/26/14

MILESTONE I - INSPIRATION: Over a year ago, I moved from Memphis, Tennessee back to Mississippi. A few things I miss about Memphis are the signs and landmarks.  Below are some shots my friend and I took a while back, as well as some photos from Memphis Type (http://memphistype.com/). To practice, I've also picked up the Speedball Textbook: For Pen and Brush Lettering and Script Lettering for Artists. Sketches to come soon!

Images from MemphisType.com:

WARM UP: Just getting used to the pens I'm using.


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