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Letter to Grandma


For this project, I wanted to mail a letter to my grandma (who I call Maga).  I searched for a fancy curly alphabet that I could modernize, but that would still look elegant.  I found the following:

I used it mostly for the "M" in my design, and made modified versions of the "a" and "g" that fit the style I was looking for better.


I started out by experimenting with the materials, and after awhile I got the hang of making straight and curved lines with the various markers and brushes. (Sorry, I forgot to photograph my practice strokes!)  I worked primarily on the main "M" letterform, allowing it to evolve into my own style.

Then I started working on the rest of the letters, the "a" and the "g".  It turns out they're all very similar, using the same "o" shape with different stems.  This made for a very good beginner's project.  I experimented some with the shadowing at this stage as well.


I tried laying out the name "Maga" really big to start with, and then worked from there, eventually deciding to place the address underneath it and to the left, away from the descender of the "g".  I thought it'd be fun to also make the end of the stroke of the "g" turn into a banner and put the zip code on it.

I then went about carefully making all of the elements on separate sheets of tracing paper so that I could adjust their arrangement as we learned.  As you can see, I later used some of these sheets as scratch paper while painting the final product.


Here's how it turned out!  In the very end I had some very frustrating issues with my small-nibbed grey paint marker, but other than that I am pleased.  I now feel more confident in my abilities and can't wait to take on a more adventurous project.

Thanks for reading!


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